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My investment philosophy is simple and straightforward: Buy quality … for the long-term … and diversify against risk. I believe that prudent investors strive to select only quality investments, that they rely on time-in-the market not timing–the-market, and that the prudent investor diversifies their portfolio to balance risk with the understanding that there is no assurance that a diversified portfolio will produce better returns than an undiversified portfolio nor does diversification assure against market loss; and invest in products consistent with their overall risk tolerance and fundamental financial needs, goals and objectives.


My commitment


My clients and I are investment partners working together to develop plans and strategies that help meet their financial objectives whether commission based or fee based. What matters most to my clients is our relationship … day-in and day-out … a relationship based on trust and long-term commitment. This will always be my commitment to you: Confidentiality in every sense of the word; competence in every aspect of our business endeavors; my opinion, even if it differs from what you want to hear; responsiveness to your needs, concerns and inquiries; and, honest advice and counsel in all financial arenas.


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